I write this blog in accordance with my allegiance to elevating our conscious experience and collective wellbeing and in recognizing a world of human beings compulsively consuming garbage from sources that have no business giving advice.

Why me?

Subject yourself primarily to the ways of beings in the paths of your dreams.

Are my ways in the paths of your dreams?

Who am I?

I am a deeply inspired student of human experience, becoming and unbecoming. I am in relentless pursuit of reality, goodness, self improvement, and community.

I am here to redefine our lives by demonstrating the profound abundance afforded beings living with an orientation to life marked by radical adherence to reality, goodness, and work.

I live in paradise, make 6 figures, am a community leader of intimacy and integrity, conduct my relationships in full transparency and somatic expression, and have never met anyone with a richer, more fulfilling, multi-faceted life experience.

I work. I suffer.
I build it. I earn it.
I overcome challenges, process emotional stress, maintain and increasingly nourish and sustain more enriching relationships and deeply fulfilling lifestyles.

Some people think I’m sensitive and intense.
Some people call me “healer”, “angel”, and “good king rising”.

I’m a proud monkey on a blessed trip.
And I work super ****ing hard.