Geoffrey Raymond Hale (born 11 January 1986) is a multidisciplinary engineer that retired at age 35 to travel and develop systems for healthy community.

Early Life

Geoffrey was born in Torrance, the son of an English father and American mother. His father was an engineer and mother was a nurse.

He grew up in Marlborough and received his Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, graduating Summa Cum Laude with Honors in 2009 from Northeastern University.

Geoffrey began coding BASIC, solving simultaneous equations, and trading stocks with his father at age 7. He self-taught grades-ahead in mathematics and competed in MathCounts. He received top-of-class distinctions in Mathematics, Physics, and Music. He scored 800s on SAT Math I & II.

Geoffrey was active in music, sports, theater, Honors Society, and other extracurricular activities. He sang and beat boxed in choral societies and a cappella groups. He played piano with bands and accompanied choirs. He was captain of varsity volleyball 2 years in a row and played basketball, baseball, soccer, and skiing.


Geoffrey has held electrical, systems, communications, and software engineering positions in aerospace defense, genetics, real estate, and education sectors.

Healthy Relating

Geoffrey is passionate about healthy relating, conflict resolution, and co-living. He has developed and taught cutting-edge systems of social group work for healthy intimacy and healing including UnCovery and Deep End.

Geoffrey is building an online social network with tools for healthy relating and gamified merit-based access to safe spaces for deep connection with users worldwide.