I’ve spent my life in pursuit of understanding reality,
the meaning of life, and what we should do.

Decades of agonizing work can be summarized as follows:

The least meaningless pursuit
is that which maximizes effects beyond the self.

Meaning exists as contributions to extended sentience. You are a process with potential for generating order, utility, goodness, beauty, stability. You should contribute.

To Be Seen

Perhaps more so than ever now in our modern social climate,
I believe to be seen is to be judged, criticized, hated, despised.

So why would I write?
Why would I dare to be seen?

Intimacy is the most meaningful interpersonal pursuit.

Intimacy is vulnerable knowing,
to see and be seen in the more private essence of our being.

So I’m here. Writing. Revealing myself to you.
I’m showing up. Doing the work. In sincerity. An offering to us.