Geoffrey Hale lives in Southern California.  He works as a communication network systems integration engineer.  In his spare time, he consults as a design engineer for a medical device startup company, studies web development, writes and practices Yoga.


Geoffrey Hale was born on January 11th, 1986, in Torrance, California, to a mother from Connecticut and a father from England.  He grew up with his parents and younger sister in Massachusetts.  He studied electrical engineering and mathematics at Northeastern University in Boston.

In 2010, Geoffrey Hale moved to Santa Barbara, where he began his career as an electrical engineer.  He was elected to the company Rotation Program and subsequently lived & worked in Redondo Beach & El Segundo and Dallas & Richardson.  Now he lives and works as an engineer in Southern California.


As a child, Geoffrey Hale enjoyed math and science, played sports and music, and traveled with his family.  In college, he spent his free time with web development, music and the gym.  Since moving to California, he has also become interested in Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, entrepreneurship and community.  He currently works full time as a communications systems integration engineer, consults as an electrical engineer for a medical device startup company, takes web development courses on MongoDB and NodeJS, codes HTML CSS PHP SQL and JavaScript for hobby projects, practices Yoga and is writing a novel about an intentional community led by an esoteric mystic.

- health -

Geoffrey Hale grew up with sports and healthy home-cooked meals.  He began lifting weights in high school and learning about nutrition in college.  In college, sports were replaced by weight training and running, and he started a health blog that persists at  After college, his years in Southern California shifted his focus to holistic health, nutrition and he began practicing Yoga.

Geoffrey Hale has worked as a personal trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist and dance instructor.  Applicable experience includes straight-A’s in pre-medical coursework, volunteering in an Emergency Room and work at a nursing home.  He is available for private or group consultation and training sessions for weight loss, diet, nutrition, weight training, hypertrophy, alternative medicine and holistic health.