First Post


/. trolls since circa 1997

What to write in a first post?

Considerations of context for this post:
- Initially, it will display as the only post.
- Subsequently, it will be at the end of the blogroll.
- Most of its lifetime, it will be buried at the bottom of the blogroll.
- It will tend only to be found via:
-- Result of searching for "first post" and other related terms.
-- Anyone specifically curious about the first ever post.
-- Backward blog feeds

Welcome curious blog browser,

You have reach the end of the knobby, knobby end, knob end, nobbly, knobbler, norbert, doormat, topper, nut end, noggie, noggin, ender, crust, butt, outsider, tush, doorstep, bumper, healie, nub, bum, bum end, knocker [all wrong], heel [correct], crusty butt of this blog. (credit:

Present moment

…straining my ears and Googling to identify You Really Got A Hold On Me muzak as my tongue works banana bread from between teeth in my own decaf coffee -tasting mouth.

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I am a deeply inspired student of human experience, becoming and unbecoming. I am in relentless pursuit of reality, goodness, self improvement, and community. I am here to redefine our lives by demonstrating the profound abundance afforded beings living with an orientation to life marked by radical adherence to reality, goodness, and work.

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