Terra Cotta

Terra cotta, Italian for “baked earth”, is a brownish-orange, porous ceramic used for flower pots and sculptures of ancient armies, see Terracotta Army.

I re-potted my desk plants and fell in love with terra cotta.

Terra cotta pots are surprisingly light and have a natural beauty. They also visually indicate the moisture levels of their contents. This gives us a gardening superpower equivalent to Super Man’s x-ray vision. Now we can tell if the dirt in the middle or bottom of the pot is still damp, instead of being limited to looking at the surface of the dirt or the plant itself. This helps us avoid mold, rot, over-watering, flooding, and other national disasters. Do yourself a favor and get your green-thumb hands on some terra cotta.

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  1. Terra cotta pots are very fun…for planting in, for painting, for making garden art (eg: giant terra cotta man or tipsy pots..)

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