Digital Ocean vs Linode vs Vultr

I like Digital Ocean.  I use it to host  I don’t have firsthand experience with the other options.

A coworker “Co D” (who’s far more experience than myself) today remarked that Linode and Vultr are better than Digital Ocean.  Asked why, he responded: price, stability history, disk I/O performance, cpu specs, memory performance.  Digital Ocean uses OpenVZ usually which means you’re sharing cpu resources.  Linode/Vulture use KVM/Xen which give dedicated cpu time.

Another coworker “Co T”, the one with whom I partner on hobby project, followed up explaining that he has been moving projects from Digital Ocean to Linode.

Co D recommends Cultr if you’re doing a BSD or uncommon distro.  Linode if you’re doing a common distro (deb, centos, ubuntu, etc).  He’s been hosting various servers for 15 years.

Co D also commented that freebsd is the best server OS and that he’s biased and in the minority in that opinion.  Hi CPS advice is good, his OS choice is questionable.