Making Money with Instagram

Can we make money with Instagram?

My Instagram Account

I’ve had a private Instagram account since for a few years but I don’t use it much.

How to get Followers on Instagram

Last weekend a friend told me her manager taught her how to get tons of followers.  When she told me I laughed – it seemed so obvious.  But had I ever really tried?

Success with New Account

Last weekend, I started a new Instagram account.  In 24 hours I had 200 followers.  In 48 hours I had 300 followers.  Now several days later I’m at 600 followers.  After the first day, I haven’t been taking this very seriously.  I’ve been using Ig for a few minutes a few times a day.

I estimate 1,000 followers per day is doable, especially when you look legit with several pictures and a couple thousand followers.

Follow Limit and Unfollowing

I have yet to test the effects of mass unfollowing.  When I get to 7500 follows, I’ll have to start unfollowing to follow others.  Will others tend to unfollow me when I unfollow them?

Instagress and Automation with Instagram API

I also tried Instagress with questionable success.  The site may be legit but I was sketched out the whole time.  It’s against Instagrams rules.  As a coder, I’m very curious about working directly with the Instagram API and testing its limits.

How much money can we make?

I’ve read that Instagram is not only monetizable but the most monetizable social media platform.  This is hard for me to believe but what do I know.  I’m effectively a newbie.

Ultimately, this game seems easy.  And there’s an API that could make this even easier.  The dollar amounts I’ve seen that Instagrammers can make with their accounts seems outlandish.


Does anyone have any experience with any of this?

  • What works?  What’s effective?
  • Can we automate?  How to avoid getting banned?
  • How much money can we make?

Please contact me!


How To Deploy Symfony3 to DreamHost

Deploying Symfony3 to DreamHost (Shared), First Time

This was my first time ever deploying Symfony3 to a live server.



The Meaning Of Life

 What is the meaning of life?

The (common form of the) actionable (useful) form of this question (for a Self) is “What should I do?”

The challenge in this question is with the word “should”.

The word “should” suggests a degree of relative (better/worse) “scorability” of (the results of) our doings.

The Self has a scoring system inherent to the relative differences in desirability of experiences correlated with the Self’s interpretations of their constituent natures and source doings (or beings).

The purpose of a Self is in doing to ongoingly discover how it scores its doings (or beingness).

The meaning of life is its own process of self-discovery.


Where should you start?


How do you score your doings?



Who am I/me, you and we/us (in the context of this blog)?

It is clear that I need to clarify and be consistent with my use of our 3 primary pronouns: I/me, you, and we/us.

I/me will refer to me, the author, in the way of gonzo journalism.

You will refer to you, the reader.

We/us will refer to the collection of I/me and you.


The World’s Most Powerful Success Blog


I want to build the world’s most powerful success blog.



40% Rule

“When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40% done.”



Lean Tuesday

Happy Lean Tuesday!

What is Lean Tuesday?

Besides a play on “Fat Tuesday”, it’s a silly phrase I use for a routine Tuesday “cleaning house” during which I choose something, anything – junk in my room, my email backlog – and I get rid of as much of it as possible.  I must warn you: I tried this a couple times a few years ago and regret deleting 700 Facebook friends, but it was my own fault for not knowing at the time that I could just unfollow them instead – lesson learned.  Deleting things from your life can result in irrecoverable loss.  Choose wisely, but don’t wait.  Go now.  Delete things.  Throw things away.  And have yourself a very merry Lean Tuesday!


Hunter S. Thompson on Purpose

Before he was famous, Hunter S. Thompson wrote about Purpose and the Meaning of Life in a letter to Hume.


  • One must find their own purpose.
  • Do not chase the goal.  The goal is secondary.
  • Understand yourself.  Adjust the goal to fit you.
  • You must choose a path that is truly meaningful to you.
  • You are not stuck.  Look.  Choose.



The Ultimate Success Formula

In The Ultimate Success Formula on the Tony Robbins Podcast, Joseph McClendon III describes the Four Steps to Getting What You Want.

This formula is simple, not easy.

Four Steps to Getting What You Want

  1. Goal
  2. Why
  3. Action
  4. Response