The Ultimate Success Formula

In The Ultimate Success Formula on the Tony Robbins Podcast, Joseph McClendon III describes the Four Steps to Getting What You Want.

This formula is simple, not easy.

Four Steps to Getting What You Want

  1. Goal
  2. Why
  3. Action
  4. Response

1. Goal

Know your desired outcome, what you want, in detail.

2. Why

Know your reasons why.  Attach emotion to the goal.

3.  Action

Take massive action.

4.  Response

Notice your results, what you’re getting.  Course correct, adjust or celebrate.


Take massive action now.

Identify your goal, your desired outcome.  Get detailed.

Example:  I want us to be successful.

Next step, know my reasons why…


I want us to be successful.

All of us,

I want us to be successful.  I want to learn, share and motivate you to achieve your goals.  I want to refine, distill and organize information into a powerful process of self-discovery, goal prioritization, effective planning, decisive action, results and fulfillment.

Time is our most precious resource.  Powerful information is out there but we live in a time of information overload.  Even if we manage to avoid life’s many distractions, we can be caught in analysis paralysis.

I will find and share only the most powerful information.  It will be distilled and presented as effectively and efficiently as possible.  It will be conveniently available and easy to find what you need, when you need it.

I will begin with a blog.  I can leverage my web development skills to build more effective tools for sharing this information which will certainly not always best be served in blog form.

I will leverage the work of others, linking liberally, but always seek to eliminate waste and share only the most potent information.

I will stop at nothing to make us healthy, happy and successful.  Or however you may choose best to be.